Green Bay Packers Fall To Kansas City Chiefs

The Green Bay Packers (7-2) seven game winning streak comes to an end at Arrowhead Stadium with a 13-7 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs (5-4).

Jordan Love made his first NFL start and completed 19-of-34 passes for 190 yards with a touchdown and an interception.

When Love had time to throw, he wasn’t that bad. But when he has people in his face on every throw, he looks like a first time starter. I’m not sure his performance today was as bad as everyone will make it out to be. The guy needs time to develop in real time so to expect him to come out and be a world beater ain’t it.

The protection all game was awful in my opinion and the Packers had zero answers for the Kansas City pressure.

Side note: I changed the time on my microwave and I’m not sure I could’ve had a more productive halftime.

This game easily could have been a lot worse for Green Bay, but the Packers defense was outstanding. This game was almost all on the special teams.

How to lose: GB missed FG (3 points), GB FG blocked (3 points), misplayed punt (3 points), dropped INT (3 points).

The special teams was a dumpster fire today.

Matt LaFluer has a thing for abandoning AJ Dillion when he gets going. Is it just me?

Jordan Love’s first start was an adventure, but with how well the defense played might mean a lot more long-term this season than tonight’s outcome.

There’s a lot that the team can take away from this loss.

Up Next:

The Packers will host the Seattle Seahawks next Sunday, November 14th at Lambeau Field. Kickoff is scheduled for 3:25 PM (Central Time).

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