Wisconsinites Looking For A Gym?

I can’t speak for everyone, but I enjoy working out. It’s obviously good for your health and fitness, but it’s also good for the mind, improves your sleep and it’s a good stress reliever for the duration of your workout.

Are you one of those people looking to improve your health, whether it’s to lose weight, stay fit or put on some muscle? Well, I have the place for you!

CrossFit 100 located in Glendale, Wisconsin (4927 North Lydell Avenue, Glendal, WI 53217) is a great gym to join!

You can check them out on their website (https://www.100fitness.us/home) and they’re also on Instagram (crossfit_100).

Marcela Perea is the owner of the family run gym. She is a great coach and did a great job of creating a family atmosphere within the gym.

I began my journey at CrossFit 100 on September 2020 and I’m happy I’ve stuck with it.

At CrossFit 100 you can count on working hard and getting a challenging workout while also getting great coaching on the proper technique. It’s a different workout each day and it’s always fun when you’re done because you’ll know you worked hard.

I highly recommend looking into this gym if you’re looking to join one. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll be happy with the results. All of the coaches are very knowledgeable with what they’re doing and with the proper technique and they take the time to teach you and work with you on what you’re doing wrong.

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