Milwaukee Bucks Trade Alert

The World Champion Milwaukee Bucks have had an interesting offseason, in my opinion, to say the least so far.

The Bucks officially signed George Hill yesterday to a two-year/$8M deal. I’m personally not a huge fan of the signing, although the Bucks did need a No. 2 backup point guard.

Today, Milwaukee traded Sam Merrill and two future second-round picks to the Memphis Grizzlies in exchange for Grayson Allen.

The Bucks acquire Allen with the $4.9M DJ Augustin trade exception.

Allen is on a $4.1M expiring contract and is rookie extension eligible.

Merrill has $500K in guaranteed money, with the balance of his $1.5M contract guaranteed on August 8th.

Even though Merrill didn’t get much action this past season, I wish the Bucks kept him around.

I guess the Bucks owners don’t mind paying the luxury tax penalties. The luxury tax penalty will increase from $36M to $44M with this trade. The Bucks are right at $200M in salary and luxury tax.

Alex Lasry saw his donations screech to a halt and called daddy to tell him what they were saying about him on social media.

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