Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers Nonsense

Aaron Rodgers is back. Aaron Rodgers trade clause. Devante Adams negotiations. Randall Cobb rumors. Blah blah blah. Do I even like the Green Bay Packers anymore? Because none of this interests me. In fact, it is a waste of my time.

Okay, I’m feeling a lot of things today and I think I need to blog through it.

Obviously, I love the Packers, but man, I don’t need any of this offseason stuff ever again. Whoever is there for the 17 (and hopefully more) Sunday’s, that is who I’ll cheer for. Of course I want the good Packers to stay Packers and want them to have the best chance to win, but whatever happened this summer was not fun to follow.

In fact, I paid literally no attention to it. Thank god we had the Bucks to enjoy and even the Brewers because I was able to ignore all of this Rodgers nonsense. And that’s exactly what it has been….NONSENSE!

It’s been report after report after report. Remember when Rodgers golfed at the same course as Elway? Remember when his country club membership renewed? Remember the deep cleaning of his house?

Maybe I’m not as big of a Packers fan as I thought because I’m not into that stuff. I’m into the football. I’m into the games. The offseason of emotions isn’t for me. I am tired of talking about it and I’ve barely talked about it.

I’m tired of “What’s up with Rodgers?” being used as an ice breaker all summer. What’s up with Rodgers?!?! He’s weird and sad.

Just let him and the Packers work out their issues and go from there. We never needed to see step by step how the sausage was made. But these media dudes, they wouldn’t let it go. Schefter and Florio should be tried for crimes against journalism for wasting all of our time.

Some of these beat dudes too, it broke them. Young and old. They weren’t up to the task. The task was to ignore the story because there barely was one. But they didn’t know how to do that. They needed clicks and we gave them to them. And we all suffered.

The Milwaukee Bucks are World Champs. The Milwaukee Brewers are fun. I like to work. I like to attempt to play golf. I like to sleep. I don’t have time for the non-football stories out of Green Bay. It’s all noise and it’s too much.

If you wasted the last three months of your life on this noise, I truly feel sorry for you. Better luck next time.

Go Pack Go!

Fear The Deer (Bucks In Six)!

This Is My Crew!

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