Game 5: Milwaukee Bucks @ Phoenix Suns

Good morning, everyone. If you do not say “Go Bucks” today, I consider you an enemy of my well-being.

The Milwaukee Bucks and Phoenix Suns square off tonight in Game 5 of the NBA Finals in Phoenix with the series tied 2-2. Tipoff is scheduled for 8:00 PM (Central Time) and will be televised on ABC. The home team has won every game so far in the series.

Marc Davis is officiating tonight, so expect the Milwaukee Bucks to get called for a lot of ticky tack fouls just like in Game 1. Bucks need to overcome it.

Tomorrow I’m going to Wisconsin Avenue to reserve a spot for the Bucks parade. Who will add chairs next to mine while spots are still available???

My Prediction:

Phoenix Suns 115, Milwaukee Bucks 111.

Comment with your predictions!

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