My Thoughts on the Milwaukee Bucks

The offseason is very long. I’m not going to continue to engage in offseason conversation until the Bucks season is officially over. There will be plenty of time for that later.

This year is different for me. Rather than going radio silent, I’m going to listen to every podcast and sports talk radio to hear them rip us to shreds. Time to hear some truths about my team.

I’ve only been listening, time to hear it.

The Locked On Bucks podcast gave the player of the week award to Mamadi Diakite for his flagrant foul. I love it.

It’s been and will continue to be UGLY in the media. And you know what, the Bucks have earned all of the slander and disrespect that everyone has been giving them. The Boston Celtics put up a better fight against the Brooklyn Nets with James Harden playing, oh and the Celtics didn’t have Jaylen Brown!

I tortured myself and rewatched Game 2. Here’s some bothersome stats from Milwaukee’s possessions in the first half:

First Quarter

0 Passes: 10 times

1 Pass: 11 times

2 Passes: 4 times

3 Passes: 3 times

4 Passes: 0 times

I counted three times where the ball went from one side, to the other, then back (all of their sets I believe). 14 of the 28 first quarter possessions never left the original side.

Bucks second quarter possessions:

0 Passes: 7 times

1 Pass: 12 times

2 Passes: 4 times

3 Passes: 2 times

4 Passes: 0 times

40 of the 53 first half possessions were one pass after half court or less.

To be clear, that’s not good and that’s how you get blown out.

As you can see in the picture below, the Nets just don’t care about Brook Lopez and PJ Tucker on the perimeter. I don’t know how they can play much together tomorrow.

These are the types of adjustments/in-game adjustments that Mike Budenholzer doesn’t make. Don’t believe me? Look at both games against Brooklyn, 2020 second round against Miami and 2019 ECF against Toronto.

Some of my wishes I’d like to see for Game 3 to give Brooklyn a different look:

  • Bucks try straight up 5 out (no dunk filler) to see if they can get a few more of these no man’s land spots for Nets defenders.
  • Lopez and Tucker don’t play (much) together.
  • Open side ball screen with Giannis as roller.
  • Bobby Portis and Bryn Forbes’ minutes with Giannis, Holiday and Middleton.

The Bucks are clearly backed into a corner here. The odds are long and I definitely wouldn’t bet on it happening, hence why I kept saying Game 2 was a must win game for Milwaukee. The more likely scenario, after what we’ve seen, is a Nets sweep. But the mood is a lot different in the media if the Bucks win impressively in Game 3.

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