Lifeless Effort Leads To Embarrassing Game 2 Loss for Milwaukee Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks put out a careless performance in Game 2 and were embarrassed by the Brooklyn Nets, 125-86, at the Barclays Center in the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

Milwaukee is now in a 0-2 series hole.

I did not expect type of game from the Bucks. It was a horrible and embarrassing performance, and the Nets didn’t have James Harden.

I don’t know what else to say. The Bucks were brutal and terrible — from the coaching staff to every single player — in many ways. So many things to say on how pathetic the first two games have gone. It’s been painful to watch.

Where are the dogs? We were promised the dogs!

Way to have your team ready to play, Mike Budenholzer!

I’ve said it several times and I’ll say it again…Khris Middleton is nowhere near worth the max-contract that the Bucks gave him in 2019.

Middleton showed about two minutes of offense when the Bucks were down by 25, but then went back to his disappearing act that he always does in the playoffs.

Khris Middleton is now 13-for-43 (30.2%) from the field and 3-for-13 (23.1%) from 3-point range in the first two games of the series. Mike James, who was out of the NBA for three years before Brooklyn signed him to a 10-day contract in late April, has more three-pointers than Middleton!

I can’t deal with Giannis right now. Might need to start a dialogue in about a week. The one thing I’m ok with saying right now: If your entire game can be shutdown by the basic threat of a charge, then you have a problem.

I can go on about the ineptitude of Mike Budenholzer, but I will say he did make one adjustment from game one, he went away from the one thing the Bucks did well in game one.

“Whether you get beat by a point or by 40, you have to be ready for Game 3. You gotta have a short-term memory. You gotta get yourself ready, understand what we need to do to go home and win Game 3,” Mike Budenholzer said postgame.

Coach Bud definitely has a short term memory, he forgot what worked so well in the first quarter of game one.

Brooklyn is not 40 points better than Milwaukee. Even if you want to say they’re better, and from the looks of it through two games, they are. They’re not THAT much better.

This wasn’t a “they can’t miss” game by Brooklyn, this was shooting practice for them. There was no defensive pressure from Milwaukee at all!

The other bothersome part was that the Bucks showed absolutely no fight.

There’s a disconnect somewhere with the Bucks, and if it doesn’t get turned around in game three, pink slips are in order and will be handed out when the offseason begins.

The Bucks players did not play well, but that doesn’t prevent Bud’s coaching so far from being a fireable offense, both things can be (and are) true.

Zach Lowe said heading into the playoffs that he’ll be interested to see if the Bucks revert to what we know, rather than the new stuff Bud spent all regular season long “experimenting,” when things got tough. Bud has answered that question.

Unless there’s an incredible and immediate turnaround in this series, Mike Budenholzer has coached his way out of Milwaukee.

If this series flames out as it currently looks very possible, Mike Budenholzer will get fired. I’ll go further, the answer is not just firing Bud and bringing someone else in. It’ll be time to make some trades and probably kill some Bucks darlings in addition to any coaching overhauls.

I can’t believe I’m asking this question seriously, but ……. Is Mike Budenholzer going to be booed when they introduce him at Fiserv Forum before Game 3?

I really believed, as did my colleague I coached college hoops with, felt that this Game 2 was a must win for Milwaukee for all realistic purposes.

One thing that can’t be argued with now is that Game 3 is an absolute must win, without it technically being a “must win.” Bucks have their backs against the walls, if they can win Game 3 then they have an outside chance of winning the series.

For the “a series doesn’t start until the road team wins a game” crowd: teams up 2-0 in the conference semifinals or later have won that series 93 percent of the time (190 out of 204). Bucks one of the rare teams that couldn’t close out a 2-0 Eastern Conference Finals series lead against the Toronto Raptors in 2019.


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