Memorial Day And Murph Workout

I’m going to start by saying this: To those of you who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, thank you! We will never forget … Unless you’re Kamala Harris who just thinks it’s a long weekend.

Freedom isn’t free. It is something we should respect and honor.

I saw this picture on Instagram, and the caption is accurate:

This morning I did the “Murph” workout as a way to show my appreciation of just the little things our military people go through. You can read my blog from yesterday on what the workout consists of.

The workout is in honor of Lieutenant Michael Murphy.

Here is video tribute of Michael Murphy before we started the workout.

You’re supposed to finish the workout in 60 minutes or less.

This was the first time I’ve ever done this workout, but my goal was to finish in under 50 minutes. Which, I barely accomplished my goal as I finished in 49 minutes and 11 seconds.

For those of you that have done this workout before, you know as well as anyone, this is a brutal workout. But it does feel good when you’re done!

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