Day 121 of the Aaron Rodgers Saga

As I wrote in my last blog, I haven’t been reading articles or listening to the radio, etc. of this Aaron Rodgers nonsense, because quite frankly I’m just tired of Rodgers being a diva and don’t really care anymore.

YES, I’m still 99.99999999 percent certain Rodgers will be the starting quarterback for Green Bay this year. Every day, more and more people are coming to the same conclusion. YOU’RE WELCOME!

As for his interview last night, the only way he could have said less was to talk a little longer.

Classic Rodgers. Saying that he loves Jordan Love and everything about him. Again, public Rodgers always positive. But when talking about the problem: “Lot was put in motion last year,” which was THE SELECTION OF LOVE!

I heard someone today say: “He said nothing of substance. Classically obtuse.”

“Classically obtuse” is exactly what I’d say to Rodgers after listening to him last night. Not exactly sure what it means, but I would feel smart saying it.

In my opinion, Green Bay is handling this whole thing well. They know Rodgers is always mad about something. They will wait and he will return. Right now, he wins by making the team look bad. No one knows how long he wants to make them suffer. Packers will wait, and Rodgers will be back.

In all theories about Rodgers, remember that he is always mad about something and the Packers know that and have learned to live with it and not overreact to it.

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