Tired Of The Rodgers/Packers Drama

We’re now a week into the Aaron Rodgers drama that leaked last Thursday.

Living in Wisconsin, it’s been all over the talk radios, local news, etc., since afterall it is a Packer and Badger state.

A lot of people I’ve talked with that live here have certainly turned against Rodgers and basically said they hope he doesn’t play (whether it’s retirement or trade).

Adam Schefter tweeted out this morning: “Packers have begun exploring QBs they can add to their roster for OTAs and training camp.”

I listened to a little bit of the Brett Favre interview on the Wilde & Tausch talk show this afternoon. Favre did have some very interesting things to say.

I’ve gotten to the point where I’m just tired of this whole situation. I’m now just choosing to ignore the Packers/Rodgers situation until it’s resolved one way or another. I’ve been skipping it on podcasts/talk radio, passing by articles, etc. and I think I’m better of because of it.

This might be a simplistic view of Wisconsin sports right now: One MVP tried to play but he’s hurt (Yelich, back). Another MVP is hurt but keeps playing (Giannis, ankle). And the third MVP says he might not play because ….. his feelings are hurt.

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