Milwaukee Bucks Survive Against Washington

The Milwaukee Bucks (42-24) win their fourth straight game after surviving tonight against the Washington Wizards (30-36), 135-134.

The Bucks have struggled a majority of the year in closing out and/or winning the close games, so it’s been nice to see them finish close games lately, especially a game like tonight with Khris Middleton not playing and Giannis Antetokounmpo and Donte DiVincenzo fouling out.

Side note: Fouling out the MVP on a flop, congrats NBA officiating, you took over the game.

Jrue Holiday led the Bucks with 29 points and Antetokounmpo finished with 23 points.

Honest opinion: Jrue Holiday and Chris Paul both landed on the teams they could help the most.

Leading by a point with 2 seconds left and the ball, the Bucks tried a lob play and it got stolen and Garrison Matthews nearly hit a 75-foot 3-pointer to win the game.

Why is the late game lob back? Almost cost the Bucks the game on an idiotic play.

The Bucks did have 30 assists tonight which is a great thing.

The Philadelphia 76ers did win tonight. So the Bucks remain three games back of Philly for the 1-seed, but the Bucks are now just one game back of the Brooklyn Nets for the 2-seed, the Bucks own the tiebreaker against Brooklyn. Milwaukee has six games remaining.

Up Next:

The Bucks host the Houston Rockets (16-50) on Friday, May 7. Tipoff is set for 7:00 PM (Central Time).

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