Mike Budenholzer On The Hot Seat?

Reports came out earlier today that Mike Budenholzer’s future as head coach with the Milwaukee Bucks would be determined by how the franchise does in the playoffs.

I personally don’t like that this “Bud is on the hot seat” stuff is out in the national media. I think most people would think this was the case regardless, but the fact that someone inside is talking to the media about this stuff is discouraging.

I thought he should have gone after the Miami series last year in the second round after two consecutive seasons of being stubborn and unwilling to make adjustments in the postseason, which obviously didn’t work out too well.

I can see a scenario where the Bucks play a very competitive series against the Brooklyn Nets, but they come up a little bit short and they want to keep him. Now they’re on record not being ok with that, but I wonder if they’d flip flop.

The Milwaukee Bucks are currently 41-24 and in third place in the Eastern Conference with seven games left. Milwaukee is three games back of Philadelphia for the 1-seed and 1 1/2 games back of the Nets for the 2-seed.

With the acquisitions the Bucks have made in the offseason and during the season, Milwaukee has their most talented roster in the Budenholzer era in my opinion. The team also believes they are the best team in the Eastern Conference. Bud has actually been fairly willing to make some adjustments this season, but only time will tell if he can execute under the playoff pressure.

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