Milwaukee Bucks Fall in Atlanta

The Milwaukee Bucks (37-23) fall to the Atlanta Hawks (34-27), 111-104, inside State Farm Arena tonight.

I really hate this team sometimes. It’s getting old seeing this team self implode in the fourth quarter, particularly in the final six to eight minutes of the game. It’s like clockwork.

In a nutshell, we just watched what it’ll look like WHEN the Bucks get eliminated in the playoffs.

I’m not sure what the Bucks were trying to do one time in the fourth quarter on offense. And the defense was a disaster down the stretch.

We know the elimination in the playoffs is coming, but more importantly, they know it’s coming. This team sees the tide and just lets it wash over them every time.

When the Bucks pull off a quarter from hell like the 4th quarter tonight, the reservoir of optimism I thought I had for this team appears to have been contaminated by the same main ingredient used in Trae Young’s hair product.

The Bucks allowed the Hawks to score 41, that’s not a typo, FORTY ONE points in the fourth quarter alone! And, of course, Milwaukee was held to 26 points in the final frame.

As usual, the Bucks couldn’t defend the three tonight, especially in the fourth quarter, something that Budenholzer continues to avoid changing his scheme to, you know, maybe defend the long ball.

Up Next:

The Bucks travel to North Carolina to play the Charlotte Hornets (30-30) on Tuesday, April 27. Tipoff is at 6:00 PM (Central Time) and will be nationally televised on NBATV.

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