Milwaukee Brewers Pitching Continues To Amaze

The Milwaukee Brewers starting pitching through 17 games has been simply amazing, nearly historic, especially for a franchise like the Brewers who aren’t necessarily known for their pitching.

Corbin Burnes pitched a mostly fantastic game last night, just like his previous three outings had gone.

Burnes now has 40 strikeouts and ZERO walks through his first four starts to the season. No pitcher had ever done that.

Corbin Burnes setting records in a game that’s been around for 118 years is impressive to say the least. Fun to watch.

Here’s Burnes’ rankings so far:

Everyone keeps telling Burnes about the precedents he’s setting with his 40 strikeout, no walk to start the year.

His response?

“I know, I know. Thanks, and let’s move on.”

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