Milwaukee Bucks Get Robbed in Loss to Phoenix Suns

The Milwaukee Bucks (35-22) got robbed on a brutal foul call on PJ Tucker with 0.3 left in overtime and lose to the Phoenix Suns (41-16), 128-127, at the Fiserv Forum.

PJ Tucker had a molecule of dry dead weenus skin fall off and land on Devin Booker’s arm and that decided one heck of a basketball game.

NBA officiating is a joke. That was a clown call. Absolute phantom call if I’ve seen one. Unreal. This is why no one trusts the NBA.

That was the worst call I’ve seen since the last time a ref called a foul with no time left on the clock in the bubble…

If that’s a foul, then Giannis gets fouled every single time he touches the ball.

Can’t wait for the NBA to come out and say that the officials got every single call correctly in the two minute report tomorrow.

I really hope Mike Budenholzer has a pair and takes a fine in his postgame press conference.

These young officials really need to be taught how to call late game situations because they just made a mockery of a great game.

That’s my rant on the officiating. Having said all that, not having Giannis in overtime hurt the Bucks. Also not being able to consistently count on anyone besides their “big three” hurt, but that’s the path they chose in the offseason.

It’s just a shame the game ended the way it did. I would have been all in on another five minutes of that. Just a fantastic game. Absolute playoff intensity from both teams.

Up Next:

Hopefully Giannis is good to go as the Bucks will host the Philadelphia 76ers (39-18) on Thursday, April 22. Tipoff is set for 6:00 PM (Central Time) and will be nationally televised on TNT.

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