One Word

I used to do these New Years Resolutions and it would be like 19,000 things.

I just got done reading a book and the book is called One Word. The book is from 1999.

And it said if there’s anything you’re going to do in your life, you have to shrink it, shrink it, shrink it, shrink it, shrink it.

It caught on in the business world, it caught on in the NFL, it caught on in the NBA, it caught on with college teams. This was like eight, ten years ago that it caught on.

And it was one word.

So if you had one word for the rest of this year, or if you want to take the final eight months of the year and think of your word for 2022, that would center you on the six dimensions of your life. I want you all to be thinking about what’s that one word. You don’t need to think of the word today, but think about it, just one word.

And here’s why I’m saying it, we don’t know for certain where we’ll be in 2022. Wherever any of us are going to be in 2022, what’s one word that if it became subconscious, that it recenters you, would help you in every dimension of your life.

Here’s an idea that I have for you: I want you to write the one word on a flashlight (preferably a small one).

You’re probably asking, “Why write it on a flashlight?”

Because the word that I want you to write on the flashlight, I want it to give you vision on where you’re trying to go.

The reason why people quit on New Years resolutions, or whatever it may be in life, is because they can’t see where the end is. You want your one word to give you vision.

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