Baylor Bears Win The National Championship

Is now a good time to say that the Wisconsin Badgers are clearly the second best team in the country and played Baylor tougher just two weeks ago?

The Baylor Bears absolutely dominated the previously unbeaten Gonzaga Bulldogs tonight in the National Championship game, 86-70.

That bank shot two nights ago, suddenly means close to nothing. History can be so cruel. Gonzaga was national title or bust. Bulldogs now join Indiana State (1979), UNLV (1991) and Kentucky (2015) as teams who advanced deep in the NCAA Tournament undefeated, but failed to finish the job.

I feel like the outcome would have been different if Gonzaga had scored more points than Baylor.

Jared Butler was outstanding for Baylor, scoring 22 points with seven assists. Davion Mitchell, who I think is the best point guard in division 1 this year, played a heck of a game as well.

I do feel bad for my friends that are Gonzaga alumni, but they can take a tiny bit of solace in the fact that no one on earth was beating Baylor tonight.

This is still the greatest tournament in the world and March is the best month ever. Having said that, the “One Shining Moment” video this year was weak, especially considering there was two years to prepare for it.

Only seven months away from the 2021-22 season!

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