Wisconsin Badgers Fall To Iowa Hawkeyes in Big Ten Tournament Quarterfinals

I’m going to start by saying the Badgers make me sad. I feel like a deflated beach ball right now.

What a shame to lose in the fashion UW did. Loved the heart and effort tonight, played their tails off. But brutal offensive finish for the Badgers.

The Wisconsin Badgers (17-12) lost to the Iowa Hawkeyes (21-7) tonight, 62-57, in the Big Ten Tournament Quarterfinals at Lucas Oil Stadium.

The Badgers played phenomenal and played so well for the first 33 minutes and then just came crashing down.

A big, big missed opportunity for Wisconsin. Life’s all about taking advantage of opportunities and answering the door when it knocks.

“Experience” shouldn’t result in so many offensive rebounds given up in the second half. “Experience” shouldn’t result in uncharacteristic late game turnovers.

To me the two reasons why the Badgers lost: 1) 7 uncharacteristic turnovers in the final 7:52 of the game. Critical empty possessions when Iowa was failing to generate any separation. 2) Iowa grabbed seven offensive rebounds in just over three minutes in the second half, got them eight second-chance points at a critical juncture of the game when Iowa wasn’t shooting the ball well.

It’s the first game all year where the Badgers literally lost because of turnovers. Rebounding, shooting were pretty much equal. Points off turnovers….not so equal.

The Badgers shot 8-of-26 (30.8%) from the field in the second half.

Greg Gard postgame said that the 14 turnovers in a low possession game and inability to finish possessions defensively with rebounds were the two storylines of the game….and I agree with him!

Up Next:

We know the Badgers are making the NCAA Tournament in Indy, but we’ll have to wait until Selection Sunday this weekend to see what seed UW will get and who the opponent will be. I’m predicting a 7 seed for UW.

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