Santa Clara Broncos Fall Short in WCC Tourney Quarterfinals

The Santa Clara Broncos (12-8) lost to the Pepperdine Waves, 78-70, in the West Coast Conference Tournament quarterfinals in Las Vegas.

The Broncos shot 27-of-65 (41.5%) from the field, 3-of-20 (15%) from 3-point range and a dreadful 13-of-22 (59.1%) at the free throw line.

The teams best player, Josip Vrankic who may have very well played his last game in a SCU uniform, was 5-for-12 alone at the free throw line.

If SCU makes even half of the missed free throws, it’s a different ball game.

It’s a shame it went down the way it did, because the way the seeding went, SCU had a perfect chance of making it to the tournament semi-finals.

There’s not too many people that wouldn’t agree with the fact that SCU really overcame a lot odds with all their canceled/postponed games and really did some nice things during the year and forgot about their weaknesses, forgot about everything and just pulled some games off, SCU won a lot of close games, beat some good teams, but again, it’s not a team that shot the ball well all year and it happened again.

Defensively, effort wise, getting on the floor, trying to take some charges, trying to do some things. But for the Broncos, I think they didn’t handle the physicality a key times (like the final 2:30 of first half and start of second half), to me it seemed like the game changed and SCU didn’t react as well as Pepperdine did.

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