West Coast Conference Basketball Tournament

Postseason basketball is officially here this week! As many of you know, Basketball is my most favorite sport and I am a much bigger college fan (for all sports) than I am professional sports fan. So I’m like a kid in a candy store when March rolls around with all of the College Basketball postseason tournaments.

The West Coast Conference (WCC) Tournament begins on Thursday for both the men and the women.

The Gonzaga Bulldogs finished a perfect regular season with their win over Loyola Marymount last night:

Here are the final standings for the men:

Here is the Men’s Bracket (all times are PT):

Here are the final standings for the Women’s side:

And here is the Women’s Bracket (all times PT):

What are your predictions? Who will win the WCC Tournament on the men’s side and who will win on the women’s side? Comment below with your predictions on game-by-game predictions as well.

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