Could The Green Bay Packers Sign JJ Watt?

When I wrote about it the other day when Houston released JJ Watt, I said the Packers had a chance, but he’d probably go to Pittsburgh to join his brothers.

Now I think there’s a very real chance the Packers could sign him, but of course, there’s never any guarantees.

This is obviously a hypothetical, here’s what a 2-year $31 million fully guaranteed contract for JJ Watt and how it’d work for the Packers:

2021 Cap Hit – $6 Million

2022 Cap Hit – $15 Million

2023- Cap Hit – $10 Million (while not on the team)

He was set to make $17.5 Million for Houston and had trade interest according to Ian Rapoport, which I’m still not sure why the Texans didn’t work out a trade with someone to get something in return.

Good news for Packers fans wanting Watt:

  • He was released (doesn’t count towards comp pick formula)
  • He loves Wisconsin
  • Would have a real chance at a ring
  • Could sign now with a very backloaded deal

Bad news for Packers fans wanting Watt:

  • Green Bay currently has no money
  • Watt won’t be cheap
  • He can win a ring at other places too

The Green Bay Packers recently created about $8.3 Million in cap space by restructuring David Bakhtiari’s contract.

That’s a start.

But the Packers have some serious work to do with cutting players, restructuring contracts, etc. to get under the cap (which I believe will be about $180M) to have the flexibility to sign free agents, restricted free agents, the draft class, etc.

Kwik Trip has made their recruiting pitch for JJ:

I have to agree with JJ Watt from his tweet in 2010:

It’d be great if the “hometown kid” signs with the Packers. Let’s see how it plays out! Hopefully he makes a good choice.

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