Green Bay Packers Fall Short in NFC Championship Game (Again)

Missed Opportunities. That’s what the 2020 Green Bay Packers will be thinking about all offseason.

Sports, much like life, are about opportunities and the Green Bay Packers missed a great opportunity today at Lambeau Field, losing 31-26 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFC Championship Game.

This is a game that will sting for a long time.

There will be a ton of focus on the defensive pass interference call on Kevin King with under two minutes remaining, and deservedly so. But the Packers offense had three opportunities to take the lead and/or tie. They didn’t do it.

Aaron Rodgers on the pass interference call on Kevin King: “I think it was a bad call.”

Former Green Bay Packer Randall Cobb voiced his opinion on Twitter about the call:

Max Kellerman joined the show on the DPI call:

Moments before this penalty, Aaron Rodgers had a chance to run it inside the 5 and potentially for a touchdown, instead he threw across his body for an incomplete pass.

The Green Bay Packers defense had a brutal first half, giving up what felt like a 2011 New York Giants Hail Mary with 1 second left before halftime, to make the deficit 21-10 going into intermission. The defense also couldn’t get practically any third down stops in the first half.

LaFleur said postgame on the Tampa Bay touchdown pass with 1 second left in the second quarter: “It was man coverage — definitely not the right call for the situation.”

But the defense played significantly better in the second half and gave the Packers a chance to have a chance.

A lot of people will probably rip Matt LaFleur for kicking a Field Goal trailing 31-23. But I am supportive of kicking it. You needed a touchdown regardless, and the way the defense had been playing in the second half, a stop and a touchdown for Green Bay would have won the game.

Aaron Rodgers is now 1-4 in NFC Championship Games as a starter and has thrown 8 interceptions and 1 fumble in those games. And we can’t use the “we have to get one of these at home” excuse anymore.

Rodgers sure sounded like a guy saying goodbye in his postgame press conference.

Matt LaFleur was asked on Rodgers returning or not: “I sure as hell hope so. He better be back here. He’s our leader.”

LaFluer went on to say he felt that he wasn’t on his A-game today. “Disappointed, felt like I let a lot of people down.”

The Green Bay Packers waiting until the biggest game of the season to make so many mistakes.

It’s torture being a fan of Wisconsin sports teams. Nobody does “close but not quite” like Wisconsin sports teams.

Change. That’s the only constant in the sports world. The 2021 Green Bay Packers will look different. Is their window closed?

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