What Did I Watch On Sunday Night Football?

The Washington Redskins beat the Philadelphia Eagles, 20-14, to win the NFC East and officially end the New York Giants season.

The Giants needed Washington to lose to win the NFC East.

It was actually a really good game in the first half as Washington led 17-14 at intermission.

Jalen Hurts did struggle throwing the ball, going 7-for-20 for 72 yards and an interception. But the Eagles were able to run the ball pretty well with him the game and moved the ball with at least some success. Hurts also had 8 rushes for 34 yards and 2 rushing touchdowns.

My issue with this game is with Doug Pederson.

It started late in the third quarter, trailing 17-14, Pederson decided to go for it instead of a chip shot field goal to tie the game. Of course, the Eagles turned it over on downs.

After Philly’s defense forced a Washington punt, Doug Pederson decided to put in Nate Sudfeld, I repeat, Doug Pederson put Nate Sudfeld in at quarterback…..instead of seeing what the future of your team (Jalen Hurts) can do.

Sudfeld threw an interception on his first possession in the game. Then Philly’s defense got an interception.

In Sudfeld’s second possession, he fumbled the ball and didn’t even handle the snap.

Washington kicked a field goal and that essentially ended the game even though it was only a six point game at the time.

Sudfeld finished 5-for-12 for 32 yards, one interception and one fumble and was sacked twice.

I don’t care one way or another about the Philadelphia Eagles, but I genuinely hope Doug Pederson gets fired for what he did tonight.

I’m fine with tanking as an organizational process (similar to the Philadelphia 76ers), sometimes it’s smart. But blatantly tanking in the middle of the game like Doug Pederson did tonight is just totally different. Players don’t like tanking.

If Philly retains Pederson, I hope he lost the locker room forever for what he did tonight.

I understand wanting to get a good look at Nate Sudfeld, let me tell you Doug, he sucks…..he absolutely sucks!

There’s a time and a place for getting a look at a player…..like when you’re getting killed on the scoreboard in a meaningless game, not when you’re down by three points!!!

It’s unfortunate that Doug Pederson, for whatever reason, turned NFL game number 256, into a Preseason Week 4 game.

My uncle is a diehard New York Giants fan, so while I’m disappointed for him that his team didn’t make it to the playoffs, the bigger issue is about the integrity of the game that Doug Pederson is mocking. Hard not to see it any other way.

The NFL should be embarrassed by Doug Pederson.

This stunt isn’t really about the Giants, at least it shouldn’t be. But this has to make the rest of the league angry as hell.

The Eagles players played to WIN the game. Doug Pederson had absolutely zero intention of winning the game, and he has to look at guys like Jason Kelce in the locker room and explain why.

Pederson couldn’t tank any harder even if he literally drove a tank onto the field. He must know he’s getting fired tomorrow on Black Monday and he tried sticking it to Jeffrey Lurie.

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