Wisconsin Badgers Lead Nebraska at Halftime

The Wisconsin Badgers (6-1) lead the Nebraska Cornhuskers (4-3) at halftime, 25-24.

It was an awful first 14 minutes to the game for the Badgers, but UW ended the half on a 14-3 run to take the lead.

UW is shooting 9-for-29 (31.0%) from the field, 3-for-16 (18.8%) from 3-point range and 4-for-4 (100%) at the free throw line.

The Badgers also had 8 turnovers in the first half which is way too much.

Jonathan Davis and Aleem Ford each have 7 points for UW.

Points Per Possession:

Wisconsin- 0.76

Nebraska- 0.75

Tyler Wahl has 2 fouls for UW.

Teddy Allen has 3 fouls and Thorir Thorbjarnarson has 2 fouls for Nebraska.

Game is televised on FS1.

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