Wisconsin Badgers Football Lose 28-7 in Iowa City

The Wisconsin Badgers fell to the Iowa Hawkeyes this afternoon in Iowa City, 28-7. Wisconsin’s five-game winning streak at Kinnick Stadium is over. The Heartland Trophy will live in Iowa City until next Fall.

Wisconsin has now lost three games in a row for the first time since 2008. It’s also the first time UW has scored less than 10 points in three consecutive games since the 1990 season.

Redshirt Freshman Graham Mertz had a very rough day today for the third consecutive game. No way to escape the truth.

Joe Rudolph needs to have the play calling duties removed at the end of the season. This experiment failed miserably and Paul Chryst needs to call plays again.

With all the injuries and players being unavailable due to COVID-19 or other reasons, hasn’t helped this team but they still need to execute.

I know they’re fighting their asses off. The youth on this team is gaining invaluable experience this season. Graham Mertz has shown what he can do, despite the obvious mistakes. Two freshman wide receivers are competing. The defense is spectacular despite mistakes. Tanor Bortolini is a stud.

To see the performance like the one against Illinois and the performance like the last three games is really hard to grasp from Graham Mertz. I know the difference in personnel is wild between the Illinois game and now, but the biggest issues the last three games had little to do with personnel in my opinion.

I would like to see Jack Coan as the starting quarterback next week and in the bowl game, he has deserved his job back.

The bigger issue to me is: where are the recruits from 2017 and 2018? Where’s Julius Davis and the receivers that were supposed to provide depth?

Paul Chryst in his post game presser said: “In a weird way, we had some opportunities, had our chances, but you have to be opportunistic when you get those chances. Certainly, we didn’t.”

When Paul Chryst was asked whether he considered putting in Jack Coan into the game. Chryst: “Knew going into the game that wasn’t going to be an option for us. So then, no.”

The Wisconsin Badgers (2-3) will play next Saturday, December 19. The opponent will be announced tomorrow by the Big Ten. I’ve heard that Wisconsin will host Minnesota at Camp Randall Stadium next week since the original matchup was canceled due to COVID-19 cases within the Minnesota program.

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