Green Bay Packers Lose To Indianapolis Colts in Overtime

The Green Bay Packers scored just three points after halftime in a 34-31 overtime loss to the Indianapolis Colts.

I believe you get what you earn, and the Green Bay Packers earned the loss today more than the Indianapolis Colts earned the win today.

Two ugly losses in the last 24 hours for Wisconsin football teams (Badgers & Packers) that included nine — NINE — turnovers.

Green Bay committed four turnovers in the loss. Aaron Rodgers fumbled a snap very early in the game as the Packers were driving and then later threw an interception in the first half. Darius Shepherd fumbled the ball on a kick return which led to a Colts field goal to give Indy a 31-28 lead. And to put the icing on the cake, Marquez Valdes-Scantling fumbled on the second play of overtime setting up the game-winning field goal for Indianapolis.

The Packers looked real good in the first half minus the two turnovers, taking a 28-14 lead into intermission. But then the Packers completely fell apart across the board in the second half.

Some of the key factors in the loss:

  • 4 turnovers
  • 6 offensive plays in 3rd Quarter
  • 4th & 1 play call/execution
  • Defense is NOT good enough
  • Rodgers missing a WIDE OPEN Robert Tonyan in end zone on the play before Crosby’s game-tying field goal

Some of this goes back to trading up in the 2020 draft taking quarterback Jordan Love, who hasn’t taken a single snap this year, in the first round. That pick could have been used to bolster the defense or a wide receiver because guys like Valdes-Scantling can’t be shooting the team in the foot every week.

I will say, the Packers defense was good at getting held today, which is an underrated trait.

Here’s some stats for you:

Aaron Rodgers is now 2-8-1 in overtime games. He’s attempted just 17 OT passes in those 11 games. He lost four of those without ever touching the ball and three times on overtime turnovers (two by him) with winning points coming off turnover.

Aaron Rodgers’ teams when leading by 14+ points at any juncture of the game:

vs. Colts: 1-2

vs. All other teams: 95-2

A stat that I did not know: The Valdes-Scantling fumble in OT was his FIRST career fumble in his 42 career games.

Badgers lost to Northwestern and the Packers were beat by a kicker with glasses. Nerds owned Wisconsin football this weekend.

If you’re considering liking a Wisconsin sports team as your most favorite team, I’d simply recommend against doing so, unless you’d like to be disappointed yearly.

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