Men’s College Basketball AP Top 25

The Associated Press released their Top 25 in Division 1 Men’s College Basketball yesterday.

There’s seven Big Ten teams in the top 25, including three in the top eight.

The Wisconsin Badgers are ranked seventh, which is the highest week one ranking since the 2014-15 season. The Badgers have also opened the past three seasons unranked.

Here’s the AP Top 25:

1. Gonzaga

2. Baylor

3. Villanova

4. Virginia

5. Iowa

6. Kansas

7. Wisconsin

8. Illinois

9. Duke

10. Kentucky

11. Creighton

12. Tennessee

13. Michigan State

14. Texas Tech

15. West Virginia

16. North Carolina

17. Houston

18. Arizona State

19. Texas

20. Oregon

21. Florida State

22. UCLA

23. Ohio State

24. Rutgers

25. Michigan

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