Hit A Deer With Your Car? In Wisconsin, It’s An Every Day Occurance

Buckle up, keep your eyes on roadside ditches and make sure your car insurance is paid up. For Wisconsin drivers (and Midwest in general), deer season is here.

It’s very hard to ignore the numbers in Wisconsin.

A vehicle has hit a deer in Wisconsin for at least the past four years – 1,465 days straight – and no, this is not Donal Trump’s fault, sorry Trump haters.

What made me decide to write this is because last night, I was involved in a crash where we hit a deer. Everyone is fine, fortunately no injuries involved. Unfortunately the deer died and the car is likely totaled, but fortunately it was a rental car. No, we weren’t speeding, the deer literally came out of nowhere.

The analysis of crash data shows motorists face the possibility of hitting a deer just about anywhere in Wisconsin.

You have to watch the ditches, you have to watch the tree lines and places where deer might be.

Also, if you see deer there will very likely be others nearby.

All you can do is to hit your breaks and try to stop as quickly as you can. Don’t swerve to try and avoid the deer, that makes matters worse.

November is the most dangerous month in the state of Wisconsin as far as deer crashes go. Why? Because November is the start of their mating season, known as the rut, and they are on the move. And dawn and dusk are the worst times.

If you can’t stop or safely slow down, or safely maneuver around the deer, you just need to drive and make sure you’re wearing your seatbelt and brace and just drive straight through because most of the time when injuries or death occur is when people react and swerve to avoid the deer, they still end up hitting the deer or they end up missing the deer and they crash off the roadway further increasing chances of injury or death.

It’s fitting that most of us are Milwaukee Bucks fans in this state because Fear The Deer season is the entire month of November along with roughly 60 (always hoping for more) other nights through June.

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