Jim Harbaugh and Michigan

So I’m writing this because I’ve had several discussions with people over the past two or so years on the topic.

The Michigan Wolverines lost to the Indiana Hoosiers on Saturday, another game they were favored in (-4.5). It’s the first time Michigan has lost to Indiana since 1987. The Indiana Hoosiers are better than they’ve been in a long time and they dominated Michigan.

Michigan has slowly been getting worse each year under Harbaugh, especially on the defensive end and in particular the run defense. Michigan has given up over 100 rush yards per game this season (three games). And the pass defense isn’t much better, two of the three games the unit has given up over 300 yards in the passing game.

Jim Harbaugh is a good coach, but extremely overrated. Harbaugh is the fourth highest paid coach in college football, making $8 million this year. The three coaches ahead of him? Nick Saban, Dabo Swinney, and Ed Orgeron. All of whom have won at least one National Championship, two of them have won multiple Natty’s. Harbaugh hasn’t even won his own conference. In fact, Harbaugh hasn’t even been to the Big Ten Title game. He is currently 0-5 against Michigan’s biggest rival, Ohio State, and the way things are looking, it more than likely will be 0-6 when the 2020 season is all said and done. Odds are, the only way Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverines beat Ohio State this year is if the entire Buckeyes team gets COVID and is forced to forfeit.

Saturday’s loss to Indiana puts Harbaugh with a 2-8 record against AP Top 25 teams in his tenure at Michigan.

It’s not like Jim Harbaugh is a bad coach. Like I mentioned earlier, he’s a good coach, just not great. The problem is that he’s getting paid “great coach” money and you can only justify his results for so long. Sometimes it’s just best to count your losses and move on.

Harbaugh hasn’t recruited at an elite level either. The recruits are seeing what at the end of the day is the truth: Jim Harbaugh is not in the elite class of coaches and Michigan is not an elite football school anymore.

Harbaugh was supposedly known as the “quarterback whisperer” and has yet to recruit and/or develop a quarterback to take Michigan to the next step.

Harbaugh has had six years, which is more than enough time, to figure it out and get his guys on the roster to elevate Michigan from the mediocre tenure of Brady Hoke (31-20 record from 2011-14). Excuses have finally ran out for Jim Harbaugh.

All of this leads to the obvious answer for the Michigan faithful. Harbaugh needs to go. Michigan fans are getting frustrated (rightfully so) and they’re finding fewer reasons to defend him after each week.

Harbaugh will have plenty of suitors both at the College level and NFL level, where he might be better off actually in the pro game.

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