Friday Night College Football

As we know, the 2020 College Football season is a very strange year. Hypothetically, if there were no cancellations, some teams will play about six games while others in different conferences would play about 10 games.

But 2020 happened and there have been cancellations to games.

With the number of games each school will play being at different numbers, the NCAA did the right thing and waived the win requirements for bowl eligibility this season.

Under normal circumstances, teams must have a .500 record to qualify for a bowl game (sometimes a 5-7 team will get a bowl bid if there aren’t enough .500 teams).

This year, as long as a school meets Academic Progress Rate (APR) requirements, it’s eligible for a bowl game, even if it is winless.

There are currently 39 bowl games for this season, so 78 of the 127 FBS programs that are playing this season will fill those slots.

Last night, Fresno State defeated Colorado State, 38-17. Georgia Southern beat South Alabama 24-17.

Tonight Tulsa defeated East Carolina 34-30.

Did any of you watch the Maryland vs Minnesota game tonight?

My buddy is a Maryland alum, so I try to watch them when I can and root for them, as long as they’re not playing my Wisconsin Badgers. And the fact that the Terps were playing the Minnesota Goofers, I was a huge Maryland fan tonight.

Minnesota got steamrolled by Michigan last week, 49-24, yet they were 20-point favorites tonight on the road at Maryland. I’m sure the sportsbooks watched Maryland lose to Northwestern 43-3 last week, hence the 20-point spread.

Maryland absolutely dominated the first quarter, leading 21-7. Then Minnesota scored 31 unanswered points in the second and third quarters to take a 38-21 lead into the fourth quarter.

Maryland ended up tying the game at 38-38 with 3:38 remaining in regulation. Maryland’s defense forced a punt. The Maryland offense had the ball at the Minnesota roughly 40-45 yard line with under 13 seconds (and clock running down) left on the clock, it was fourth down and they had a timeout. Instead of calling a timeout with one or two seconds left and trying a Hail Mary to win the game, Maryland head coach Mike Locksley decided to let the clock run out and have the game decided in overtime.

I don’t understand the logic of not even attempting to try and win the game with a Hail Mary. Hopefully Mike Locksley explains himself. If you have a legitimate reason, feel free to comment with it.

Maryland had the ball first in overtime and scored a TD and PAT to take the 45-38 lead. Minnesota ended up getting a TD to make it 45-44. The only question was, were they going to go for two and the win, or kick the PAT despite their kicker being a little injured and force a double overtime?

PJ Fleck, who’s probably the most hated coach in the Big Ten (if not the entire country), decided to kick the PAT. The only problem….the PAT was missed.

So Maryland won 45-44 in OT to go to 1-1 on the season. The loss puts the PJ Fleckers at 0-2, and it’s absolutely glorious to see them winless right now!

The last game tonight, Wyoming defeated Hawaii, 31-7.

There are 38 FBS games tomorrow! Saturday’s are significantly better with College Football on.

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