Wisconsin’s Game At Nebraska Canceled

Wisconsin’s game on Saturday at Nebraska has been canceled due to an elevated number of COVID-19 inside UW’s program. All football activities will be shutdown for at least seven days.

The decision to cancel the game was made by UW athletic director Barry Alvarez and UW chancellor Rebecca Blank, with consultation from the Big Ten.

UW said as of Wednesday morning that a total of 12 people within the Wisconsin football program had tested positive for COVID-19 in the last five days. That included six players and six staff members, including head coach Paul Chryst.

Chryst said he is isolating at home and is not experiencing any symptoms.

The game will not be rescheduled due to the Big Ten’s schedule that has eight games in eight weeks. It will also be considered a no-contest instead of a forfeit.

The most precious commodity of the 2020 football season is flexibility. The Big Ten lost it when commissioner Kevin Warren made a premature decision to cancel fall sports on August 11. Why there wasn’t more of a desire within the league to simply pause and push back the initial start date 3-4 weeks is why we are where we are.

For what it’s worth, teams need to play at least six games to be eligible for the Big Ten Title game. Here’s the list of tiebreakers including what happens if teams don’t play the same number of games.

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