College Football Has Been Fun, B1G Starting In Two Weeks

These past few Saturday’s have been awesome to watch College Football and we still have the Big Ten starting in two weeks!

Auburn continues to be the weirdest team you’ll find. Fumble the snap on the spike, then spike it backwards. Arkansas got screwed in that sequence and deserved better, because that wasn’t right for them to lose that game after the refs botched the spike which was actually a fumble.

The Red River Rivalry game yesterday was a wild game and fun to watch. Competing in a college football game for five hours is impressive, but I held off a much needed bathroom break for more than an hour.

We all have our own moments of glory.

The defending National Champions, the LSU Tigers, lost to Missouri Tigers 45-41.

Bo Pelini is making $2 Million to be LSU’s defensive coordinator. The biggest issue with his defense is it stinks.

The PAC-12 Network does not exist. This is why nobody wanted to be part of it.

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