Was 2020 A Successful Season For The Milwaukee Brewers?

After the 2020 season came to a close for the Milwaukee Brewers last night at the hands of the Los Angeles Dodgers, I’ve had a chance to reflect on the 2020 season.

Was 2020 a successful season for the Milwaukee Brewers?

I don’t view this as a successful season. While making the playoffs for the third consecutive season for the first time in franchise history and getting the roster additional, or for some their first, playoff experience is valuable, it was an underperformance for a club that had higher expectations.

There were expectations for this club. The expectations may not have been external, but there was absolutely internal expectations. Finishing 29-33 (including playoffs) and in fourth place in the NL Central was a major letdown.

I do consider the way the pitching staff performed this year as a success. I thought they did a heck of a job and kept the team in most games and I think the future is bright if a majority of the pitching staff can return for 2021 and beyond.

Corey Knebel, coming off Tommy John surgery, statistically had a bad season in 2020, but he did have some moments where he looked like the Corey Knebel from pre-TJ surgery.

Some of the prospects that hadn’t pitched yet at the MLB level or had very minimal appearances showed promise for the staff as well.

So the pitched staff in 2020 is the good for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Now the bad….the offense. The Brewers offense was virtually nonexistent in 2020.

Christian Yelich was just not the same player and struggled all season. Could the knee injury from last September play a role?

Logan Morris and Justin Smoak were disappointing acquisitions via free agency in the offseason and were DFA’d.

Jedd Gyorko was absolutely the offensive MVP for the team this season, and it’s not even close or up for debate. Having said that, even he only had a .248 batting average on the season.

Daniel Vogelbach was a huge addition when the Brewers claimed him off waivers in early September for the inept offense.

I thought Avisail Garcia would have a bigger impact on the team this season, but he was mediocre and not worth the $10Million he was paid.

So long story short, I don’t view 2020 as a successful season for the Brewers even though they were bailed out by the expanded playoffs and the San Diego Padres the final weekend of the regular season to sneak into the playoffs.

I never thought I’d say this regarding the Brewers, but the club needs to focus on bats this offseason, because while the pitching staff did all they could, the offense was bad. Very, very bad in 2020.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the 2020 Milwaukee Brewers’ season.

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