Milwaukee Brewers Lose, 3-0, Season Over

This Milwaukee Brewers fell to the Los Angeles Dodgers, 3-0, in game two of the best of three NL Wild Card series.

The Brewers have now lost four consecutive postseason games, and unlike Game 7 of the 2018 NLCS and the 2019 NL Wild Card Game when really good relievers got hit at the end, in 2020 the problem all year was the offense. It was very bad.

A bad throw by Luis Urias in the bottom of the fifth spoiled what had been a flawless performance by Woodruff and brought the Brewers’ season to an end.

Brandon Woodruff got ejected by the home plate umpire in the bottom of the fifth inning while walking to the dugout after being replaced.

Bob Uecker had the breakdown on the Woody ejection:

“The salutations from Brandon Woodruff to Quinn Wolcott are what (the ejection) were all about …. a couple of ‘happy Halloweens’ got him a ‘see you later.'”

The Milwaukee Brewers held the LA Dodgers to seven runs in the series, but managed to score only two. To put into perspective how much the offense struggled, the Crew scored 18 runs over the final 10 games (including playoffs).

Brandon Woodruff looked at the disputed pitch to Barnes on his phone and admitted it was off the plate. In the heat of the moment, he was convinced it was a strike, especially with a generous 2020 zone. “I needed to move on and make a good pitch and I wasn’t able to do that.”

Woodruff went on to talk about the Brewers three straight postseason appearances as a positive, “The standard has been set now.”

Ryan Braun hasn’t officially announced any decision on whether he’ll retire or continue to play.

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