Milwaukee Brewers Fall To LA Dodgers in Game One

The Milwaukee Brewers fell to the Los Angeles Dodgers, 4-2, in game one of the National League Wild Card round.

Brent Suter got the start for the Brewers and it didn’t go well. Suter entered the game walking five batters on the season, he walked five batters in 1 2/3 innings pitched.

“I felt like I let the team down, big time,” Suter said after the game, while admitting nerves were a factor. “It’s a very lonely feeling. It almost felt like an effect of the whole world zooming in. I couldn’t make the adjustment. It’s a bad, bad feeling.”

Manager Craig Counsell after the game said: “I think there’s a path for us here, even with the short start today, to be strong in pitching for the next two games. But it’s obviously going to take a great start from Brandon [Woodruff]. That’s what he’s capable of doing. If he does his thing, we’re going to be in good shape.”

Orlando Arica hit a two run home run to cut the deficit to 3-2. The home run by Arica tied him with Prince Fielder as the franchise home run leader in postseason history with four.

The Brewers kept it low scoring (mostly). But being buried in a early hole, 3-0 deficit is almost insurmountable for this inept Brewers offense.

Christian Yelich is just not the same guy in 2020. That first inning was the margin. Brewers had a chance. Woodruff versus Kershaw tomorrow night in a must win game two for the Brewers.

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