Wisconsin’s New 2020 Fall Football Schedule Released

The Big Ten announced the new football schedule for the Fall 2020 season.

Each team will play nine games. The first eight have been scheduled. The Big Ten is calling its new season ending format West 1 v East 1, West 2 vs East 2, West 3 v East 3, etc. that will take place the weekend of December 19 “Champions Week.” Nothing says Championship Week quite like Rutgers-Illinois.

Here’s Wisconsin’s schedule:

October 24th, vs Illinois

October 31st, at Nebraska

November 7th, vs Purdue

November 14th, at Michigan

November 21st, at Northwestern

November 28th, vs Minnesota

December 5th, vs Indiana

December 12th, at Iowa

Looks like an 8-0 regular season to me!

Here’s the schedule for all the Big Ten teams:

Nebraska goes after the mighty Big Ten and the conference immediately gives the Huskers Ohio State and Wisconsin the first two weeks of the season. Then Nebraska gets Penn State in week 4 and on the road at Iowa in week 6, the Big Ten is absolutely hilarious. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Big Ten sneaks a NFL team on the Huskers schedule.

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