Milwaukee Bucks Lose 103-94, Season Is Over

The Milwaukee Bucks lost to the Miami Heat, 103-94, in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals.

I now long for the reality where the NBA never went to the bubble and the Bucks were the “what could have been” champions.

The Bucks had 10 losses in 65 games before the hiatus. They lost 10 of their 18 games in the bubble. Two completely different teams.

The Milwaukee Bucks were just never right when the season restarted in Orlando in the bubble. They didn’t play well on either end of the floor, just couldn’t get the engine going and just couldn’t recover.

There will be a lot of offseason questions for the Milwaukee Bucks as a franchise. Two consecutive seasons where the Bucks have had the best record in the NBA and had some historic statistical numbers to go along with it, only to fall short both seasons. Will be one of the most interesting off-seasons maybe in NBA history.

Last year the Bucks had a 2-0 lead in the Eastern Conference Finals, only to lose four straight to be eliminated. This season, the Bucks were down 0-3 in the Semi-Finals before losing in five.

Marvin Williams announced after the game that he is retiring. Williams was the most consistent Buck in the bubble.

Will Mike Budenholzer return as the head coach? Will his stubbornness/unwillingness to adjust in the postseason get the team over the mountain if he does return? I wouldn’t be disappointed if he gets let go.

Will Giannis sign the super-max when the Bucks offer it to him this offseason? I think he’ll sign it, especially given the salary cap issues due to covid.

Can the Bucks get a true number two player to help Giannis? While I’m a fan of Khris Middleton, Middleton is not a number two player for a championship team and would be a good, probably great, number three player.

I’m not going to say it was a “good season” because was it really? It was a massive underperformance by the Bucks. Historically great regular season and a disgusting postseason. Such a disappointing conclusion to a championship caliber team. Many things need to change between now and when the 2020-21 season starts.

No matter how much pain the Bucks bring me, I am still in love with them. Send help.

The circle of life:

Wisconsin team gives me hope ▶️ I wish I hated sports ▶️ Wisconsin team gives me hope ▶️ I wish I hated sports ▶️ Wisconsin team gives me hope ▶️ I wish I hated sports ▶️ Wisconsin team gives me hope ▶️ I wish I hated sports.

One comment

  1. Hey Nick!!!

    So sad to see the Bucks eliminated. I really thought it would end up an LA/ Bucks championship playoff. I don’t know how you would have won without Giannis. That was the biggest loss. The Bucks team made a valiant effort to only come up short without their number 1 player. I hope Giannis will sign with the Bucks again and you can field a winning team net season.



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