Bucks Game Postponed Along With Other Two NBA Games, Brewers Boycott Game Against Reds Tonight

The Orlando Magic had left the stadium while the Bucks remained in the locker room. The word was that the Magic refused to take the forfeit.

The NBA eventually announced that all three NBA games for today have been postponed. No forfeits for any of the teams involved.

Supposedly, there is a meeting in the bubble tonight where all players are invited to join to discuss how they’ll proceed from today’s boycotts.

Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted out that the NBA, owners and front offices didn’t see this coming today.

The NBA went from arguably my most favorite professional sports league to watch to almost unwatchable in 12 months.

There’s a reason the ratings have dropped 45 percent. And the NBA ratings will continue to tank.

In Major League Baseball news, the Milwaukee Brewers are boycotting their game at Miller Park tonight against the Cincinnati Reds.

Other MLB teams are discussing not playing today. The Seattle Mariners are discussing sitting out against the San Diego Padres along with the San Francisco Giants discussing not playing against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

I feel like I’ve been talking to God a lot during this disaster of a year known as 2020.

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