Milwaukee Bucks 110, Orlando Magic 122 in Game 1 of Round 1

The 8-seed Orlando Magic defeat the top seed Milwaukee Bucks, 122-110, in game 1 in the first round. An awful display in game 1 of the playoffs for the top seed.

If today doesn’t wake up the Milwaukee Bucks, I’m not sure what will.

The Milwaukee Bucks led 10-4 in the first quarter, but after an offensive foul on Giannis Antetokounmpo, it was all Magic after that.

The Magic are missing a few key players that they likely won’t get back.

To see the Magic come out and play with energy and move the ball without Aaron Gordon, without Mo Bamba, without those guys I think was very surprising. I think equally surprising seeing the Milwaukee Bucks really not be able to control the game like you would expect against a team that is banged up as the eight seed.

I expect the NBA crowd and media to have a field day with this loss, as they usually do when the Bucks lose.

There were careless turnovers, lack of energy and simply being outworked on both ends of the court. The Bucks played like they didn’t want it.

There is no doubt there be some looking in the mirror and some soul searching by the Bucks. They’ve got to look in the mirror and figure out what can we do different to make them uncomfortable, to not let them get open looks, to be in the passing lanes.

The Bucks are certainly capable from bouncing back from this game, but it does make you wonder what they have to do differently than how they approached it.

The Orlando Magic played a pretty complete game. The Milwaukee Bucks clearly wanted to play better defense than what they had in the bubble, that didn’t work out in this one. The offensive flow, certainly not here in game one of the Eastern Conference first round.

By no means am I worried about this series, but the play of the Bucks has been so sloppy in the bubble and it’s frustrating.

The last Eastern Conference top seed to lose the first game of the playoffs was way back in 2017. That team, the Boston Celtics, lost the first two to the Chicago Bulls, then won four straight.

The Milwaukee Bucks did not look like themselves to start the playoffs that’s for sure, but I think they’ll be fine. Game 2 is on Thursday at 5:00 PM (CT) and will be aired on ESPN.

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