Badgers Get WR Commit, SEC Schedule Release, Fields Petition

Skyler Bell, a Connecticut native, has committed to the Wisconsin Badgers. Bell is the first wide receiver in the 2021 recruiting class for UW. Bell chose the Badgers over Iowa, Virginia Tech, Rutgers and others.

The SEC is going to announce their schedule.

Sometimes seasons end a few days after a schedule release. Bad news for the SEC.

Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields has started a petition for the Big Ten to play this fall. Players, coaches and parents are all pressuring Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren.

The Big Ten (and PAC-12) made a premature decision. Instead of gathering all information possible before making a more educated decision, they made an October decision in early August.

You can go to the petition by clicking here. SIGN IT! Justin Fields says we should do this and he’s good at football throwing, so who am I to say no?

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