New Mexico State Postpones Football, CFB Season Three Weeks Away

New Mexico State has postponed fall football and will try to play in the spring.

That means that 130 FBS/D1-A teams now down to 76 FBS/D1-A teams.

UMass football coach Walt Bell spoke on the cancellation of the football season, and said: “You know, my dad passed away in 2008, my biological mom OD’d in 2012. And to be honest with you, this is probably a tougher day than both those days.” Got to love the perspective.

College football begins three weeks from tonight and what a hell of a slate it is.

Austin Peay @ Cincinnati

Murray State @ Georgia State

South Alabama @ Southern Miss

I remain depressed there’s no Badgers football this fall. How could one not be sad about not watching football at this beautiful venue:

If there’s a college football season this fall, and the SEC, Big 12 and ACC conferences do have a season, then the Big Ten and Pac-12 made a premature decision and ultimately gave themselves a SMU type death penalty that will cripple the members for years.

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