College Football 2020

One week ago today, the Big Ten released its college football schedule.

Not sure if you heard, but the Big Ten officially canceled its Fall 2020 season yesterday. It will try to regroup and play a season in the spring of 2021.

The Pac-12 also canceled Fall sports as well as pushed the college basketball season to January at the earliest.

This is why people should never get their hopes up about anything ever.

Akron Punter Jonah Wieland entered the transfer portal yesterday. Told ya that yesterday was going to be a crazy news day for college football.

SEC doctors are saying it’s safe to play, Pac-12 doctors say it’s not safe to play:

When it’s all said and done, we could all be faced with the thought of spending time with loved ones this fall and nobody wants that.

Other option is to provide us false hope. Inject that false hope into my veins!

No one wants to go to four Saturday’s of pumpkin patch activities in October when nothing is on.

I cannot stand being without Rutgers football for that long. All I ever wanted was false hope.

Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren said yesterday: “the world is not ending today.”

Well, you cannot see into the future, Kevin.

This would be a perfect time for a “NOT!” joke from the Big Ten. There’s still time, Kevin Warren! Get everyone back on your side with some classic comedy.

We could have a college football season in Russia. They cured COVID yesterday. Putin says it cured his daughter, and that’s all the evidence I need.

Wisconsin Athletic Director Barry Alvarez said that teams will get to stay on a 20-hour week in fall with workouts and drill work. It sucks we’re dealing with a virus that understands the difference between practices and games.

Did college campuses in the Midwest become safer now that hundreds of students won’t be getting tested frequently?

Big Ten could’ve pushed back the start date all the way to October 24 with an 8-game schedule and conference championship game on December 19th.

Instead, a late October decision was made in early August, which may have crippled members for years to come.

The Big 12 just spiking the football right in the faces of the Big Ten and Pac-12 by releasing a schedule today.

The 2020 Southern Illinois @ Wisconsin game has been rescheduled for 2027 and all I want to know is what time kickoff is.

I care about three things in this world: The Wisconsin Badgers, College Basketball/March Madness and College Football. We’ll get through this together, and Nick Obot Sports will be with you every step of the way.

What’s your favorite memory of the 2020 College Football season?

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