SJSU Football VS. UC Davis Likely Not Happening

The Mountain West Conference delayed the football season to a September 26 start date and a 10-game season.

Now three of SJSU’s non-conference games won’t happen. The first game that was called off was the game at Penn State in September, then UConn announced a few days ago that they won’t play football this season so that wiped out the home game against the Huskies in November, now the Big Sky Conference no longer plans to play football this Fall which takes away the scheduled home opener against UC Davis.

The Mountain West set the schedule for teams that there’d be the eight conference games and two non-conference games for 10 total. Currently, the Spartans stand at nine games with the Central Michigan game on the road being their only current non-conference game.

Assuming the Spartans field a team in 2020, they have the option to pursue a new opponent for the 10th game. Scheduling a different FCS team is unlikely due to roughly half the programs at that level have now opted out of playing football this Fall.

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