My Favorite Wisconsin Breakfast Place Closes

So I know that this blog isn’t about sports, but I’m writing it anyway.

The Wooden Goose Cafe, located in Mequon, Wisconsin, made the unfortunate decision to close up shop for good officially on Sunday, August 2, leaving the greater Milwaukee area without one of its long time breakfast and lunch spots.

The Wooden Goose was in business for 30 years and was a family run restaurant, which in my opinion are usually the best restaurants.

Like many small businesses, the Wooden Goose was hit hard by the pandemic. In fact, the closure comes just after re-opening the restaurant on June 2. They had the restaurant closed from around March 24 until the June 2 opening during the lockdown before things started to open up a little bit in Wisconsin in Mid-May.

I’m personally very bummed out about the decision to close down, because I developed relationships with the staff there and the food was delicious.

But such is life. Good things really don’t last forever, just have to enjoy them while it’s happening in the moment, that’s why living in the present is so important.

The Schuster family announced the news to the public via Facebook on Sunday afternoon:


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