No Home Opener For Brewers

This was a beautiful morning to have the home opener at beautiful Miller Park today and have the Bucks restart their season this evening.

But then there was no home opener.

There were positive COVID tests with the St. Louis Cardinals travel party which the red birds have been instructed to self-isolate in their hotel in Milwaukee.

The two teams were supposed to play tomorrow night and Sunday afternoon. MLB announced that doubleheaders will be 7-innings instead of the normal 9-innings. So we’ll see if they play this series or have a doubleheader thrown in on Saturday or Sunday.


  1. I don’t get it Nick? When Covid first hit, all the major sports were put on hold as they should be. But Now? When the pandemic is raging and Covid numbers have dramatically increased and are still rising in the U.S.? Baseball comes back?

    Not only comes back, but without the necessary precautions that the other sports are taking, ie in a bubble containment! So you got 30 teams flying around visiting different states and cities all who are struggling with increasing Covid numbers and somehow they think this will be safe?

    Now 3 or more teams are infected and a few others under infected watch and still no talk of postponing or cancelling the season. Wake up MLB! The pandemic is real! It was a fools goal to start the season right in the middle of a highly contagious pandemic to begin with. This is not for the love of the game — its for the love of the money!


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