The MLB Experience So Far

I’m going to start by saying it’s awesome that American sports are back on.

While watching the Brewers games on tv the last two days, the fake crowd noise….not for me. Video game fans….not for me.

Only way I get onboard with video game fans is if they show a drunk fat fella giving all he has to start the wave in the 6th inning. Make the games authentic.

Virtual streakers would also be neat.

I’m surprised the Cubs haven’t installed the pumped-up crowd noise for routine fly outs. We want the authentic Wrigley experience, and Cubs fans typically go crazy for a routine flyout when the Cubs are batting.

What do you want to hear from sporting events on TV?

A) Fake crowd noise

B) No fake crowd noise

What do you want to see from sporting events on TV?

A) Video game fans

B) Cutout fans

C) Just show the real scene

Here’s your free Saturday night payday:

  • Brewers OVER 31 wins
  • Brewers 2020 World Series title

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