Big Ten Football To Only Play Conference Games

Hey smart people, let’s hurry it up on vaccine thing so us dumb dumbs can watch College Football in a couple months.

The Big Ten Conference is expected to announce today that it will go with a conference-only football schedule for this Fall.

With the amount of power it has in the sport, I’d guess that Notre Dame pressured the Big Ten to make this decision to get out of playing Wisconsin. Always running scared in big games.

Last time Wisconsin played at Lambeau Field (2016), a championship winning was fired a couple weeks after. Brian Kelly couldn’t handle the smoke and that’s just sad.

Notre Dame also refused to play in Madison, hence the 2020 game being at Lambeau Field and the 2021 game being at Soldier Field.

  • A few notable Big Ten non-conference games that will be impacted by the Big Ten only playing conference games:
    • Wisconsin against Notre Dame
      Ohio State against Oregon
      Michigan against Washington
      Iowa against Iowa State (annual Cy-Hawk series game)

    The question now remains when, if ever, other conferences (especially Power Five) start following the Big Ten’s lead and doing the same (playing only conference games). I have a hard time envisioning the Big Ten will be the only conference to make this move.

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