Briefly Talking COVID-19 With Sports

Right now my best guess for when the United States will hit the COVID-19 levels seen in Germany the day that the Bundesliga started back up (0.82 daily deaths/million citizens) is July 23rd.

The death rate in the US remains below the English Premier League, which is playing now.

People need to understand that as much as the national sports media is advocating against sports coming back right now, it’s only going to get louder and more panicked the closer we get to games returning.

COVID-19 deaths/day in the US has dropped by 16 percent this past week, compared to an 11 percent decline the week before and 16 percent the week before that.

It’s been four weeks since Memorial Day weekend and 3+ weeks since the George Floyd protests started. When is the “second wave” suppose to start?

We are now two weeks into the supposedly approaching apocalypse of the Arizona hospitals. Since then hospitalizations remain flat and deaths are on the gentile decline.

The media is trying to scare you because fear drives eyeballs. They’re exploiting you.

I’m not downplaying deaths. Each and every death is a tragedy to somebody. The fact that lives are at stake is precisely why it bothers me when so many public figures are exploiting deaths to terrorize US citizens with deceptive and incomplete information.

Even if there is an effective vaccine is created on an optimistic timetable, there will still be people getting COVID-19 for at least five years, probably decades.

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