Wisconsin Athletic Director Barry Alvarez Speaks On Fans At Games In 2020

The Wisconsin Badgers are scheduled to open the 2020 college football season under the Friday night lights against Indiana on September 4th at Camp Randall Stadium.

With COVID-19 still having an impact throughout the country, it remains to be seen exactly what it will look like.

During the virtual town hall for season ticket holders today, Barry Alvarez said the date for making a concrete decision is fast approaching.

“We have to be getting closer because our kids are going to be reporting for camp in a few weeks,” Alvarez said. “I think we’ll have some answers after the Fourth of July. We’re going to have to. A lot of discussions, a lot of areas that we have to make tough decisions on.”

Among those decisions will be whether to allow fans into Camp Randall, and if they are allowed, how do they decide who gets in.

“You hate to keep pushing these questions off, but there’s no way we can answer that,” Alvarez said, who also noted that each Big Ten venue being different regarding fans. “There’s nothing like 80,000 in (Camp Randall Stadium) on game day Saturday. It’s been called one of the greatest game day atmospheres in the country. That’s our ideal. Where we’ll be — the number, the percentage, the social distancing — that’s up in the air right now. That’s to be answered.”

Wisconsin does have plans in place, but they aren’t focusing on any particular one currently.

“We’ve put all our effort behind developing plans for each of those scenarios and virtually no effort in predicting which one of those scenarios will emerge,” Chris McIntosh UW’s deputy AD said.

“The scenarios that we could be faced with, we’ve never been faced with,” McIntosh said. “That will require flexibility on all our parts. It’s likely that we’ll have to put forth some creative solutions that will likely be impossible to make everyone happy. We’ll do the best we can. That’s our vow or pledge to those that have supported for such a long time.”

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