Some College And NFL Football Updates

My brief NFL update: Nashville would like to host the 2024 or 2025 NFL Draft.

Cleveland is supposed to host the 2021 draft, with Las Vegas getting another crack for the 2022 draft after being denied this year, and Kansas City will host the 2023 draft.

You would hope they’d give Green Bay a chance to host the draft before going back to a city that has already hosted the event in 2019.

Now on to College Football. Brian Kelly, head coach of Notre Dame, said on Mike Tirico’s show that Notre Dame is exploring moving their “neutral site” games at NFL stadiums to having the games on the respective campuses.

Kelly is referencing the games against Wisconsin, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech and Pittsburgh.

Moving the Wisconsin game to campus would mean moving it to Notre Dame, for what it’s worth.

Despite the Wisconsin against Notre Dame game being scheduled at Lambeau Field, it is a Notre Dame “home” game. And the matchup between the two schools in 2021 at Soldier Field is a Wisconsin “home” game.

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